Ken Fielding of North Lake Plumbing

North Lake Plumbing understands the unique challenges of plumbing in the Sierra Nevada. When you’re moving water at elevation, there’s pressure issues, freezing pipes, and drought regulations that regulate flow. There’s a reason why our customers have trusted us with their plumbing for over 30 years. We serve customers in Tahoma, Homewood, Tahoe City, Alpine Meadows, Olympic Valley, Squaw Valley, Kings Beach, Truckee, Donner Summit, Tahoe Donner, and Soda Springs. West or North of Lake Tahoe, we cover it.

Do you have any of these problems? If so, North Lake Plumbing can help.

Toilet Trouble – If your toilet is gurgling, or leaking water onto the floor or ceiling, or you have a sewer smell, or your water bill is too high  – North Lake Plumbing can quickly and economically solve your problems because our service trucks have most parts in stock.  This lets our plumbers complete your job faster, saving you money. We can also help you get a rebate on your water bill from: North Tahoe PUD, Tahoe City PUD, and Truckee Donner PUD, by changing out your 3.5 gallon toilet (built before 1991) to a low flow toilet of 1.28 gallons.

Water Leak – A dripping faucet is an annoyance, while a leak in a hidden pipe is a nightmare. We use a special ‘radar detector’ to find the exact spot of the leak to minimize your cost.

No Hot Water – About 62% of the time, we can get your hot water back on without replacing your water heater.  And if you do need a new water heater, we’ll normally have it installed the same day, including Saturdays, if you call in the morning.  Saving you both time and money.

Clogged Drain – Whether at your home or business, we have the high speed rooter equipment that can get the job done quickly.

Blocked Sewer – There are three main problems, a broken line, tree roots, or just a clog. Either way, we can get your house flowing again.  We also install ‘Rootex,’ a product that guarantees no new root growth for 1 year.

Gas Leak – If you smell gas don’t mess around — call us right away. North Lake plumbing is certified, endorsed, and recommended for all types of gas piping systems.

Pipe Noise – Due to the high water pressure at Lake Tahoe required to get enough water pressure to the last house at the top of the hill. Sometimes you may hear pipe rattle, or a banging in your pipes.  A pressure reducing valve is required by code to bring your water pressure down to 55 pounds per square inch. You will still have a good shower, but it will reduce the pressure on your pipes, water heater and faucets, causing them to leak or go bad prematurely.  There may be other reasons and solutions, but North Lake Plumbing are the experts to quiet your home.

Recirculation Pumps – With the California drought, and in order not to over tax our sewer systems,  we can install a recirculation pump to get hot water to your sink faster instead of letting cold water run down the drain until you get hot water. We install several types of pumps to correct this.


Hydronic Heating – If you have baseboard (water) or in-floor heating problems we can get the heat back on right away. It’s always a good idea to have your system checked before the cold season.


Winterizing – We winterize homes. If you need your water shut off, or a main shut off valve installed, we can do that. It is important to turn off your water when you leave your home.


Main Water Shut Off – Always make sure you have a main water shut off located within your home that works. With a  few feet of snow outside blocking your crawlspace in an emergency you could risk serious damage to your home. The shut off at the street belongs to the water company, not the customer. In Tahoe it is code to have an operating shut off within your home. There are times we’ve had to replace or install a main shut off valve before we can repair your problem.


Specializing in:
Water heater repair, water heater replacement, drain cleaning, toilet repair and replacement, garbage disposal repair and replacement, water pressure, water leaks, broken pipes, frozen pipes, and sewage pumps. If not listed call us at (530) 583-2478. All work is guaranteed.